raspbmc and the bbc

.. so for PT today – needed to add iplayer.. result ! with the dowload zip file pulled across the network, and then ‘added’ said zip (ver 17)  .IJW… it just worked… iplayer and much more.



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  1. PT as in Portugal? 😉

    • arh, no. a Pre Test 🙂

      • ahah. though so. btw, i must say, that thanks to your little blog, im a bit more keen to get my hands on my raspie 2 😉 i just cant seem to find the propper place to buy it and ship it to portugal…
        many thanks for your work, mate.

      • thanks for note ZACHARiAS. We just want to collect some useful bits from the web that have been tested and shared. excellent project is the Raspberry Pi and the release that Sam has worked hard on – Raspbmc. If your out to learn Linux, get yourself a pendrive, download http://www.linuxliveusb.com/ and give Fedora of Debian a fly.. it can run in ‘live’ mode so no need to trash your hard disk..
        and enjoy Linux and free the Micro$oft chains..

      • thanks man, but i’ve been using linux for a few years now. 😉 i just dont use it on my current laptop, since it has hybrid graphics on it… :\ i just think that RP is a great machine. i believe, one year from now, snapdragon dualcores will be shipped with the RP. even so, for a 600mhz processor, is making some miracles, this petite machine.

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